Miracles Do Happen!

Jan 22, 2019 | Life Testimony

I have to be honest. I really don’t know how to start this blog. There are so many things that I like to share about my life. This blog would be too long to read but I assure you that you’ll learn from this.

Let me start by telling about one of the greatest chapters of my life. I and my boyfriend (who is now my husband) started officially on March 3, 2013. I believed that everything went fine since we started our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. He’d been in different BPO companies but remained stable. I graduated from college last April 2014 and started working as a classroom teacher a month after. Prior to my graduation, we were able to get a pre-sell house in Bulacan. If you’re going to look at it, everything seemed to be perfect. Everything seemed to be aligned. Everything was achievable. Unfortunately, everything changed when we started to quit our jobs to start a variety store business.

We lived together in our store in January 2017. We worked as home-based teachers to earn more money and to sustain our living but it didn’t last due to the poor internet connection. That’s when all the mess began. Eventually, we got buried in debt in striving to save our business. My husband asked for my father’s permission to marry me and left him a promise of a church wedding. Due to lack of money, the church wedding did not push through. We ended up in a free civil wedding held by our city mayor and without our parents’ presence in the ceremony. We were so ashamed that we couldn’t afford the wedding that he promised and my mother was not yet in favor of me getting married. But, we firmly believed that to marry is the best thing to do at that time due to the signs we asked from God.

On December 04, 2018, we got married. We were not on good terms with my husband’s family though. My husband’s nephew thought that we were too selfish to marry without the presence of my in-laws. He didn’t know that we talked to them about it. My in-laws told us that it’s okay to have the wedding by ourselves and that they did understand our situation. That’s when I knew that my mother-in-law told their relatives a different story.

Our life as a married couple went on but we were surrounded with so many people who think that “Debt is life.” Therefore, we decided to just give up the store since it’s not a source of income anymore. It became a source of expenses instead. We moved to a smaller room in a resettlement area. Somehow, we found peace and freedom. We used to live with my mother before in our store and it was very hard for us to do things as a couple.

In January 2018, we found out that I was pregnant. We were so happy at that time and we got an inspiration to work for a purpose. We tried to live normally and abundantly the best way that we can but no matter how hard we work, we were not earning enough. In July of that same year, I had to stop working. I was diagnosed with having pre-term labor and my OBs advised me to totally bedrest for more or less three weeks. The following month, we were forced to evacuate from our apartment due to a strong tropical depression. The tropical depression caused a great flash flood in our area, leaving our home messed up and our things wrecked. We were not able to save our things because we hurriedly left our home. It was one of the most frightening moments of our lives. Thank God we survived.

We stayed in my parents’ home and on August 18, I gave birth to a baby boy. It was the happiest time of the year. We were able to move back to our apartment a week after. It was tough work for my husband to clean and wash out all the mud but I’m proud to say that he did it all by himself. Upon moving in, we started a new life s a family.

In the pursuit to give our baby a better future, I decided to apply in my husband’s new company. A month after I gave birth, I started working there as a sales representative. The job was new to me but because of the salary offer, I grabbed it. I thought that working there would be fun since I and my husband were workmates. But after working there for three weeks, I realized that the job is not for me. For the nth time, we made another stupid decision. We did AWOL leading us to hurriedly find another job. I was fortunate to find a job right away but the opposite thing happened to my husband. He had a hard time being hired for some reasons that we couldn’t explain. In just a week, I had to shoulder all the financial responsibilities, including our huge debt. My husband ended up as a househusband.

We prayed so hard to God to give us an escape from financial strife. We cried. We pleaded. We thought maybe we were not good enough. We were not generous enough. We were not humble enough so He’s punishing us. Several good reads enlightened me that God doesn’t work that way. In James 1:2-3 He says, “Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds because the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” With that verse in mind, we lived in faith that sooner, the storm will end.

It was a leap of faith when in December, we decided to sell our house in Bulacan. It was already paid through PAGIBIG housing loan. It was a hard decision but we knew that the idea came from God. In the past four years, it was the most source of our pride. We believe that God wanted us to give it up so we can start all over again in humility. We prayed to God that if it’s His will, He would make the selling process easy. It has been always our clue. If it’s God’s will, it’s easy.

On December 11, while enjoying my rest day at my parents’ home, my husband got a call from a woman. The woman was asking him for the exact address of our property because she’s on her way already to visit it. She called several times and negotiated. After visiting the area, she told him if we could meet her and her daughter so they could see the papers. We were so surprised because she wanted to meet us on that same day! It was so amazing because she’s willing to shoulder the processing of the papers, in which my husband is not an expert. When we got into the meeting place, we talked for a while and to our surprise, they gave us the downpayment which is enough to pay the unpaid amortization we had in PAGIBIG for three months! God is so amazing! He provided us with everything! He indeed made everything easier. To cut the story short, the house was sold on December 14. It was sold that fast. From December 11 to December 14, real quick. How did it happen? I don’t know. Just as our saying goes, “If it’s God’s will, it’s easy.”

Now, we’re living better. We’re not yet totally debt-free but we’re living more freely. Truly, God is so amazing. He can move mountains, making the impossible things possible. My husband finally got a job. Our parents met already on our son’s dedication day. They spent the day happily. We were able to make-up with my in-laws and now we’re on good terms with them. I’m doing the job that I love, working in a generous company and surrounded by good people. I can’t imagine having this kind of life now without God. Let me end this blog by saying, “God is good all the time.”

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