Marriage License Application in Marikina

Feb 1, 2019 | Wedding

It has been a year after our wedding but the memory of it is still fresh to me. In my previous blog, “Miracles Do Happen!” I told that the marriage process was so smooth that I and my husband both knew it was God’s will. Let me take this chance to give tips to those newly-engaged couples on how to apply for a marriage license and to tell my wedding story as well.

My husband is originally from Valenzuela City but we live together here in Marikina City. So, basically what will I share to you is how to apply for a marriage license in our municipality but I guess the same process applies to all the cities here in the country.  If you are planning to get married soon, you should prepare for the following requirements first:

  • Photocopy of Recent Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • ID with picture and signature
  • If you have no ID available, you can bring a 2×2 colored picture
  • NSO/PSA Copy of Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) MOST IMPORTANT

There are three ways to get this. It’s either order it online, get it directly at PSA branch or get it at SM. (I got ours at SM but if you want to have it within the day you get it at PSA Branch.)

If you or your partner is a foreigner you need to secure the following:

  • Legal Capacity to Marry (from your or your partner’s Embassy or Consular Office based in the Philippines)
  • Passport

NOTE: If you are 18-25 years old, you are required to bring your parents to sign the Parental Consent/Advice. (My father signed the said document that time.)


STEP 1: Go directly to the CIVIL REGISTRY area. Look for the window with the “MARRIAGE” signage (Window 19). The person-in-charge will give you four forms to fill-out. All those forms are just the same but each will be submitted to different departments. The form has two columns. The left column is for the groom and the right one is for the bride. Make sure to write legibly and accordingly in the forms.  Recheck the information you’ve written before submitting it. All the information you put there will be the same information that will reflect in your marriage certificate so check it carefully to avoid errors in your marriage documents. After filling out the forms, submit it to window 19 again together with your requirements. If any/both of you is/are 18-25 years old, your parent/s will be asked to sign the Parental Consent/Advice form.

STEP 2: After the person-in-charge verified your forms and documents, you will be given a charge slip. You’ll have to pay it at the Treasury Office which is also inside the City Hall. I forgot the exact amount we paid for the processing of the license. But based on the requirements list, the fees to pay are as follow:

  • Marriage License Application Form – Php 150.00
  • Marriage License – Php 300.00
  • Parental Consent – Php 100.00

After paying, you’ll be asked to go back to window 19 to get your marriage license claim stub. Your marriage license will be released after 11 days. Ours was released last November 07, 2017, since the claim stub was given on October 27.

Marikina Marriage License Claim Stub and Pre-Marriage Counseling Seminar Reminders

Marikina Marriage License Claim Stub and Pre-Marriage Counseling Seminar Reminders

STEP 3:  You won’t be given the marriage license not unless you attend the Pre-Marriage Counseling Seminar. This is a vital part of the preparation for getting married because all the basic information you’ll need about family planning, pregnancy and parenting will be discussed there. You need to go to Marikina Health Office to set a seminar whether on a Monday or Tuesday. You’ll have to pay a seminar fee of Php 150.00 at the cashier and go to the Population Management Department on the 5th floor to answer questionnaires with weird but practical questions. It only took us a couple of minutes to answer the said questionnaire since the topics are not new to us anymore. We openly talked about those things several times. Upon submission of the said paper, you’ll be asked about your preferred schedule and will be given a seminar slip with the date, time and a few reminders written on it. We chose to have the seminar on October 30, Monday at 8am.

Note: Steps 1 to 3 won’t take you a long time. It only took us more or less than an hour to accomplish the said steps. I suggest that you go to Marikina City Hall early in the morning so there would only be a few people. Make sure your requirements are all complete. I read a blog like this before that they filled out their application forms at home prior to their application so when they got there, they just submitted their documents. Maybe you can do it too to save time if you wish.

Marikina Pre-Marriage Counseling Flyers and Certificate

Pre-Marriage Counseling Flyers and Certificate

STEP 4: The last step is to attend the seminar. For me, this is the last step because once you accomplish this, you’re good to go. You’ll receive your certificate of Pre-Marriage Counseling Seminar and it’s the last thing you need to claim your marriage license. Of course, claim it on the date written on the claim stub. Our seminar lasted for three hours. It was not actually as boring as how we perceived it. The topics were interesting and beneficial.

The marriage application in Marikina City is indeed very convenient and fast. It’s very systematic. I swear. In addition, the staffs are friendly and accommodating.


Okay, that’s all! Haha! I hope you find this helpful. This is the end of the first part of my blog, “Wedding in Convenience”. On the second part, I’ll tell you about how we processed our FREE civil wedding. 🙂