Free Civil Wedding in Marikina (Officiated by Mayor Marcy Teodoro)

Feb 10, 2019 | Wedding

I believe that all women want to have a grand church wedding. Unfortunately, not everyone could afford it. The same situation as mine but I believe that living in one roof with your partner is inappropriate. I remember my mother-in-law once told us that living in together outside marriage can block the blessings that will come in. Thus, making it more difficult for the couple to live the way God wanted them to live. For some reasons, I took that into consideration and I made a big decision which is to marry my husband even if we did not have enough means for the wedding.

Marikina Pre-Marriage Counseling Flyers and Certificate

Pre-Marriage Counseling Flyers and Certificate

To cut the story short, we completed all the necessary requirements, filled-out forms and attended the Pre-Marriage Counselling Seminar. We got the certificate and on the said date in the claim stub, we went back to the City Hall of Marikina to claim our marriage license. Then, the lady there asked us what kind of wedding ours would be. My husband told her that it would be a civil wedding and asked about the process of it. She told us that we could have it with the judge but we have to pay more or less three thousand pesos. Plus, it would be draw-lots when it comes to the schedule of the wedding. Then, she gave us another option which is to avail the free civil wedding of Mayor Marcy. She said we just have to go to his office at the second floor. We tried the second option since she said it’s FREE.

We went to his office not really sure of what we were doing and what was going to happen next. As we entered the Mayor’s Office, another lady greeted us and asked us about what we need. My husband told her that we would like to inquire about the free civil wedding. She escorted us to another lady much younger than her who was sitting in a cubicle. Then the younger lady asked us about our preferred schedule. She mentioned that the soonest available date is on December 4. We were a bit shocked and amazed that we just looked at each other in confusion. She asked us once again, “Ano? Sigurado na ba talaga kayong magpapakasal kayo?” followed up with a friendly laugh. She mentioned about the advantages of the free civil wedding program and the cons of having it officiated by a judge. Here are the comparisons that she mentioned:



  • It is free. Guaranteed a mass wedding but there’s a possibility of having it solo if you’re the only couple scheduled on that date.
  •  The schedule is every Monday. The soonest Monday during that time is December 04 since the dates prior to that date were already full.
  • Free bouquet, free photographer. Just bring your own wedding rings.
  • The marriage contract will be delivered to your house seven working days from the date of your wedding together with the CD of your wedding photos.
  •  It is not free. You have to pay more or less 3000php-5000php. The price varies if it’s a solo wedding or a mass wedding.
  • The schedule is chosen by draw-lots. There is no guarantee that we will have the wedding earlier than December 4 but there is a possibility of having it at a later date.
  • Provide it yourselves.
  • (She did not mention about this but I guess it’s different)
Requirements for the Civil Wedding by Mayor MArcy

Civil Wedding Application Requirements

Given the following information, it’s very clear what we chose. Haha! Upon giving our final answer with more conviction, another lady asked for our requirements and asked us some validation questions plus at least three names of people who will witness our wedding. After a few minutes, she handed us three copies of our marriage contract for us to check. After checking if the information is written correctly, she finally said that we were already scheduled for December 04, 2017. And that’s it! We’re done!

It’s just very quick to file for a free civil wedding in Marikina City officiated by Mayor Marcy. It just took us more or less 20 minutes. The decision-making just took us long but the scheduling itself was very fast. In addition, the people of Mayor Marcy are so nice and welcoming. They’re very approachable.

CD of the Free Civil Wedding in Marikina

CD of the Mass Wedding at Shoe Hall.

Below are the sample pictures were taken during our wedding by the City Hall’s official photographer. You can bring your own photographer if you want to have more personalized wedding moment photos. It doesn’t matter. They will still deliver the CD to you anyways. Haha!

I hope you find this helpful. For those couples who want a budget-friendly civil wedding, I suggest this wedding program of Marikina to you. I know that a wedding could only happen once and it should be well-planned. It should be magnificent but nowadays we have to be practical. We should learn to live within our means. Remember that what is really important in a wedding is the ceremony of joining two people to become one for better and for worse, in sickness and in health. What matters the most is your life as a married couple and as a family, and not the kind of wedding itself. If you can afford an extravagant one, then go ahead. If you can’t, don’t take your marriage life after at risk. 🙂