Review: VT Maternity Hospital

Feb 13, 2019 | Motherhood, Recommended Clinics and Hospitals

When we knew that I was pregnant to our first baby, I and my husband decided to have a prenatal checkup right away. We searched first for the most recommended and the most reliable hospital in Marikina since it was my first pregnancy and we wanted to be secured about everything. And one of my colleagues recommended the VT Maternity Hospital. She also recommended her doctor who is Dr. Justin Tansinsin. Let me give you some information about this hospital and the doctor based on what I observed and experienced.

Where is VT Maternity Hospital?
It is located at 22 Guerilla St. Toyota Avenue, Sto. Niño, Marikina City. See the google maps link below.,121.0993618,3a,75y,106.33h,84.99t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVyPInEbNBblUW1lXcW8xew!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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    • The facilities are well-maintained and sanitized. There is no problem when it comes to cleanliness in this hospital.
    • Equipment wise, almost complete except from the incubator. (One of my friends told me that her colleague was referred and transferred to a public hospital due to the absence of this equipment.)
    • They also have their own pharmacy inside so there’s no need to go outside just in case you’ll be needing meds, milk or whatever maternity stuff.
    • The staffs are nice. They are very caring and approachable. (nurses)
    • The guards are polite and helpful.
    • If you wanted to be treated really nicely, this is the hospital that you might be looking for in Marikina.
  • COST
    • The checkups are not pricey. For every prenatal checkup, I just pay 200php.
    • The cost of child delivery varies. But the range is from 30,000php-80,000php. (My cousin had a CS delivery and they spent more or less 50k less Philhealth already.)
    • Also, the price you’ll pay depends on your doctor. If you want to pay less, choose the right doctor, and it’s Dr. Tansinsin. 🙂

What about Dr. Justin Tansinsin?
Oh well, he’s really nice and very professional. He’s a guy doctor but you won’t feel shy or awkward when you’re having your checkup with him. You can ask him questions and you’ll see that he’s glad to answer. You’ll not hear so many “don’ts”  from him. Everything is okay as long as in moderation.

Another good thing about Dr. Tansinsin, “madali siyang kausap”. You can tell him directly what you need, especially if you are working and you cannot go to work because of the pain you feel in your body. Also, he gives his patients a not-so-pricey delivery package. Hindi siya mahal maningil. Haha.

Any negatives about VT Maternity Hospital?
I can’t say that it is indeed negative but for some reason it is. Remember that this maternity hospital is known in Marikina City so expect long queues. Much better to go there early if you want to be the first in the list. I also experienced having my ultrasound here and it took me more than an hour of waiting to be called.

Most deliveries here are done through caesarian section so if you’re strongly aiming for a normal delivery, you’ll be somehow scared. Some mothers said that the doctors are being lenient when it comes to their patients’ eating habits so that their babies will get big and it would be necessary to undergo CS delivery. However, I don’ think that the doctors are being lenient. It’s just that there’s nothing wrong with eating as long as it’s in moderation.

I had my checkups here until my 7th month. Due to financial circumstance, we had to look for a cheaper hospital. But my overall experience in this hospital is good and I know that patients are well-taken care of. My cousin gave birth to their first baby in this hospital and I witnessed how satisfied they were with the service. I highly recommend VT Maternity Hospital. 🙂