Review: St. Philomena Maternity Center and Lying-in Clinic

Feb 27, 2019 | Motherhood, Recommended Clinics and Hospitals

In my 8th month of pregnancy, we decided to transfer to a much cheaper hospital or clinic. I searched for some 5-star rating lying-in clinics in facebook and from there I found the St. Philomena Maternity and Lying-in Clinic. I saw a lot of good reviews about it and texted the number posted on their page. To my surprise, the clinic replied even though it was already 2am that time and texted that I can go there anytime and I just need to bring my medical records.

Where is St. Philomena Maternity and Lying-in Clinic?
It is located at 1985 Bagong Farmers Ave 1, Tumana, Marikina City. See the google maps link below.,121.0998277,3a,75y,202.89h,83.85t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIVKlAVbfC2VbYEbMmY4d2g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    • The facilities are small yet they are clean and well sanitized.
    • They have the sterilization area, the clinic or consultation room, the delivery room, and the ward. They also have a clean comfort room.
    • The clinic is air-conditioned so it’s comfortable for the patients who are waiting inside. There is an extension waiting area outside. During the full-house days, the waiting area is also fully-occupied by the patients’ companions so some of the patients suggested the clinic to provide electric fans outside.
    • They are complete when it comes to basic medical tools and equipment.
    • Since this is just a lying-in clinic, they only perform normal spontaneous delivery (NSD) as well as painless delivery.
    • For those who need to undergo caesarian section (CS), they will be referred/transferred to St. Mattheus Medical Hospital in San Mateo. They also have other partner hospitals but they recommend this one because it offers the cheapest service among all their partners.
    • They also offer prenatal and post-natal check-ups, cervical cancer vaccine, family planning consultation, papsmear, vaginal repair, and other minor surgeries.
    • For pedia, they offer well-baby and sick-baby consultations, vaccinations, newborn screening test, ear-piercing, and circumcision.
    • The midwives are very accommodating and friendly.
    • The doctors are really nice and very professional. They always conduct comprehensive check-ups. You’ll not be shy to ask questions because they are very approachable.
  • COST
    • The prenatal consultation with the OB is 150php. However, if you would just like to drop by and be checked by their professional midwife, it’s free.
    • If you are a Philhealth member or a 4Ps member, giving birth here via NSD is FREE. But of course, expect to pay a little amount for the miscellaneous.
    • They accept the “LIBRENG PANGANGANAK VOUCHER” of the City Government of Marikina.

What about the doctors?

St. Philomena Maternity Center and Lying-in Clinic have two obstetrician-gynecologists who conduct deliveries. You can meet them at the clinic every Wednesday and Saturday, 1-5pm for consultations. They are Dr. Robert Gonzales and Dr. Aries Buenviaje. They are both very friendly and professional doctors. Although they’re both OBs, they conduct check-ups differently.

  • Dr. Robert Gonzales
    • Having a check-up with him is also like having a free ultrasound. 🙂 He likes to check on the baby by using the ultrasound machine (he just doesn’t print the result). I remember the time we had my check-ups with him, we always went home feeling secured and satisfied because we were updated on our baby’s weight, size, and position inside my womb.
    • Even if there are so many patients, he is not in a hurry to do the check-up. He makes sure that all questions are answered before letting go of his patients.
  • Dr. Aries Buenviaje
    • He has a jolly face. I remember every time I looked at him I smiled. 🙂
    • Whenever he asks questions and he thinks that you have a hard time to answer, he gives a few sample answers as options.
    • I like the way he explained to us what’s happening inside the womb when you’re on a preterm-labor. If there’s a need to draw it, he’ll draw it to fully inform his patient. He gives detailed explanations and just like Dr. Robert, he’s not in a hurry.
    • He’s the one who usually conducts the IE.
    • He is honest and does not force you to stay with them or be transferred to their partner hospital. He gives honest answers and practical options.

My overall experience in this maternity center and lying-in clinic is really awesome. If only not for financial reasons, I probably stayed in the clinic and chose to be taken care of by these OBs though there was a possibility that I would be transferred to their private hospital. If you’re looking for a reliable and budget-friendly lying-in clinic in Marikina, I personally recommend St. Philomena Maternity Center and Lying-in Clinic. I promise, hindi kayo magsisisi. 🙂

For more details about their services, here is their facebook page.

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