Review: Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC/Labor)

Mar 12, 2019 | Motherhood, Recommended Clinics and Hospitals

I did not give birth in St. Philomena Maternity Center and Lying-in Clinic. There were some complications that might arise and the OBs suggested having my delivery in the hospital instead. We decided to go to Quirino Memorial Medical Center since it is a known public hospital that gives better service compared to other public hospitals nearby. The following day, August 18, at 7:45am, I gave birth to my baby boy.

Where is Quirino Memorial Medical Center?  It is located at JP Rizal Street, Project 4, Quezon City. See the google maps link below.,121.0716831,3a,75y,72.07h,93.23t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swtrj18CDQN5Vp9YGNDDfuA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Review: Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Review: Quirino Memorial Medical Center
Quirino Memorial Medical Center
    • The hospital is really big. I can say that they have all the necessary equipment and machines needed for any kinds of birth delivery.
    • They have two kinds of ward.
      • Public ward – This is the ward where you share the bed with other patients. Based on my experience, I and my baby shared with three other mothers and their babies. We were positioned like a barbeque. XD (Haha! Funny but it’s really true.) We just took turns in sleeping so the other mom could sleep in a more comfortable position.
      • Pay ward/Private ward – This is an exclusive ward but of course, staying here is almost the same price as staying in a private hospital.
    • Not all wards are air-conditioned.
    • The hospital, in general, is cleaned and sanitized from time to time but due to a huge number of patients and visitors, it gets messy easily.
    • I am satisfied with all their delivery procedure. They follow a very organized system, unlike other public hospitals.
    • You know that even though they cater to so many patients they still care for each and every one of you.
    • Patients are well-monitored and frequently reminded of the DOs and DON’Ts.
    • The only problem I noticed is the distribution of food. Some were given regularly but some were not.
    • The nurses, midwives, and doctors are strict yet professional. They’re actually nice. You just have to cooperate and follow instructions to make things easier for both parties. I saw how they worked and it was really exhausting so as patients we have to be considerate and obedient.
    • There are guards in each and every gate and main door. The guards are strict when it comes to visiting hours.
  • COST
    • I underwent a normal delivery and stayed in the hospital for three days. In total, it cost me around 16k.
    • The good thing is we just paid more than 5k of our actual bill because the rest was covered by Philhealth and SWA (Supplementary Welfare Allowance).
    • I was asked by one of the doctors if I would like to stay in the pay ward because it’s really comfortable to stay there. I asked her about the price and she replied that it cost a total of around 30k. (If you’ll choose to stay in this ward, you won’t be considered as a beneficiary of SWA.)

What about the doctors? You can’t choose the doctor who will handle you but rest assured that whoever doctor that is, he or she will take care of you. There were a lot of doctors who looked after us at that time. When I was in the delivery room, there were two doctors who attended to me. The doctors are strict but they’re indeed professionals. Nothing to worry about.

Rules and regulations of Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Rules of QMMC

I am just really grateful to Quirino Memorial Medical Center for accepting me despite the fact that I didn’t have any pre-natal check-up there. They accepted me with open arms. They treated me nicely and professionally. Just so you know not all public hospitals are like that. I read a lot of horrific experiences of mothers in public hospitals and those really made me scared. But my mom recommended this hospital to me because it’s where she gave birth to us siblings. Most of my aunts gave birth in this hospital too.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have questions feel free to ask through the comment box. I would be glad to answer back. 🙂