My Birth Story

Mar 21, 2019 | Birthstory, Life Testimony, Motherhood



Last August 17, 2018, at around 6 pm, I noticed that my amniotic sac (panubigan) burst already. My husband and I decided to go right away to St. Philomena Maternity Center and Lying-in Clinic. When we arrived there, the midwife assisted us right away, checked on everything and called the OBs. While waiting for the doctors to arrive, I was already conditioning my mind to give birth while my husband silently prayed.

Around 8 pm, the doctors already arrived. Doc Robert checked me up and used the sonogram machine to see the baby’s condition inside. He asked me about the time my amniotic sac burst and if I felt any pain. I answered that I didn’t feel so much pain and there were fewer contractions. I was also wondering why. I supposed to be laboring during that time. We waited for several minutes when Doc Aries called us. He honestly told us that there’s a possibility that my baby will be infected because I lose a lot of amniotic fluid already, yet there were still no signs that my baby would come out. He gave us options whether we stay there and be transferred to St. Mattheus’, or to be referred to a public hospital to save money. We decided to go to Quirino Memorial Medical Center since it is a known public hospital that gives better service compared to other public hospitals nearby.

I felt bad for traveling in that kind of condition. It was raining. We had a lot of stuff with us. What’s worse it was really hard to commute. It seemed like there was no vehicle available. We decided to ride a tricycle and a PUV instead of waiting for a taxi. We arrived there at around 10 pm. We went directly to the emergency area for pregnant women. Husbands and/or companions are not allowed inside so I went inside on my own. I was nervous at that time because I was not with my husband anymore and I had to bear the pain without anyone comforting me. It felt like it was just MY battle.

After a couple of interviews and IEs, the doctors decided to admit me already. Inside the admitting room, I saw a lot of laboring women. It was like a sea of women giving birth. Haha! They transferred me to a bed with another young lady laboring. There I laid and when they induced me, that’s when I started laboring. It was awfully painful. It was like you wanted to poop but your stomach didn’t want you to. Laboring is like a combination of stomachache, backache, dysmenorrhea, and diarrhea. Haha. Very painful. Can you imagine the pain? I wish men could feel it too. 😀 It was very unfortunate that I experienced that pain for more or less ten hours. I thought of asking the doctor to let me undergo caesarian section. I tried to ask but the nurses said they couldn’t do that because I can deliver my baby normally.

I tried to do the tips from mothers that I read on Facebook. But those did not help. What helped me were the coaching of the doctors and nurses that I need to breathe deeply as I go along with the contractions. I got stuck at 7 cm for a couple of hours. I was able to reach 10 cm at past 7 am already. I was brought to the delivery and two doctors worked together to get my baby out. One of the doctors even put all her weight on me as she pressed her hands and body on my stomach. I felt like there was a great need for me to push whatsoever piece of fecal stuck in my butt so I kept on pushing and pushing until they surprisingly put a baby on my chest. 😀 Awesome, it was my baby boy! I didn’t notice right away. 🙂 The doctors then shouted, “Baby boy out, 7:45 am.” <3

Baby Jose's first picture

Praise God for keeping us safe all the way. <3

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above” – James 1:17