Jose’s Dedication|Christening

Mar 25, 2019 | Dedication|Christening, Motherhood

Christening Celebration in RYUMA.png

We scheduled our Baby Jose’s dedication on January 13, 2019, Sunday. As a working mom, I found it difficult to make time preparing for my Baby’s special day. I thought of ways to save money, time and effort for the celebration after his dedication. And I even thought of ways to save money for the souvenirs. When it comes to the scheduling of his dedication, it was done easily by my husband.


CHURCH: Jose’s dedication was conducted in Capitol City Foursquare Church (CCFC). It is located in Project 4, Quezon City, next to Manhattan Townhomes and near Hi-Top Supermart. I have here the google maps link if you would like to navigate the location. The dedication was free but of course, although not mandated, we gave the officiating pastor a love gift. The Church conducts dedications every second Sunday of the month.


CLOTHING: I didn’t have enough time to look for my baby’s clothing. Luckily, I have a sister working in Ayala Mall, Marikina Heights. She was able to buy the christening clothes in UNO. The set of clothes is ₱199 only. There are a lot of choices for christening clothes in that store at affordable prices.


DIY popsicle frame

DIY popsicle frame

SOUVENIRS|BANNER: I thought of making DIY popsicle frames just like the sample in the picture. I planned to put my baby’s picture with his godparents’ names written on it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time so we had our second option which is to just let the printing shop make it for us.




Name it Graphics Design Co.

Name it Graphics Design Co.

We accidentally found “Name it Graphics Design Co.” in  San Mateo, Rizal.  It’s a few meters away before San Mateo Puregold if you are from Marikina City. They have different packages for baptism souvenirs which I think are cheap and affordable — quality and quantity wise. For just ₱1, 794 we already have the following:

  • a 3×4 ft banner
  • a signature frame
  • 50 magnets for souvenirs

INVITATION: The package originally includes 20 invitation cards. I asked my husband to just have it replaced by magnets since I already made and sent a digital invitation. I made the invitation using Canva.


VENUE: We chose the RYUMA Ramen House in Concepcion Uno, Marikina. It’s just one ride from the Church so there’s no hassle. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity of the staffs of this restaurant because they made a beautiful backdrop design for my Baby’s dedication. If you’re going to ask someone to do the backdrop for you and style the venue, it would cost you much money. With them, the styling is free. The venue looks awesome in the picture, though we just used a phone camera.

Backdrop made by Ryuma


FOOD: The food was served by RYUMA Ramen House too. They serve very affordable food. We just encountered a few problems and delay because we didn’t give any advance order. I don’t have any idea of the food that the guests prefer so I just let them order but with limited choices. Maybe next time if we will have another event there, we will order in advance to avoid delay and confusion. A range of 40 to 50 people attended Jose’s Christening celebration but to my surprise, we only paid ₱3, 900+.


CAKE: I just asked my sister to buy in Goldilocks. She bought a triple delight dedication cake worth ₱700+. RYUMA Marikina prepared a sweet treat, too.

Let me sum up our expenses (rounded off):

  • Clothing – ₱200
  • Love gift – ₱1, 000
  • Banner|Signature frame|Souvenir – ₱1, 800
  • Food|cake – ₱4, 800
    • TOTAL – ₱7, 800

In total, we spent ₱7, 800 for my baby’s dedication — cheap, presentable and hassle-free.  We continued the celebration with our family at home. We did not spend much money anymore because the rest were sponsored by our relatives. 🙂

That’s all for my baby’s dedication! If you find this helpful, please like my post. For questions, don’t hesitate to comment.  I can’t wait to share more with you! <3