5 Reasons Why I Think My Husband is the Better Parent

Mar 26, 2019 | Marriage, Motherhood, Parenting

It’s a usual thing for me to see mothers ranting about their partners not helping them to take care of their children. It’s actually a norm that wives should be responsible for taking good care of the family, most especially, the children. But some husbands forget that they are parents too. As a co-parent, they should also take part in babysitting, playing, and guiding their kids.

I just feel so blessed for having a responsible husband who knows how to be a co-parent. He still manages to take care of our baby though he has a heavy workload to do. I remember the time when I just gave birth to my baby. It was really exhausting to put him to sleep at night but I always got the time to recharge during the day. It is because my husband took charge of everything at home after his work, including the babysitting.

Sleeping Kit and Jose

My husband and baby.

My mother always tells me that my husband is more of a mother than me. At first, I felt humiliated but I have to admit that she’s right. I also believe that he is a better parent than me. Here are the five reasons why:

  1. A father changing his baby's diaper.

    My husband changing our baby’s diaper.

    He is experienced. He has experience in babysitting babies. He learned how to handle newborn babies and change their diapers at a young age. When he was young, his mother always asked him to look after his younger brothers. He also took care of his niece when she was still a baby. I never had that experience when I was young. The first time I carried a baby for more than five minutes was after I gave birth. 😂

  2. He is matured. – He is seven years older than me. Even before we get married, he’s emotionally and mentally ready to have his own family. He perfectly knows his responsibility as a husband and as a father. He knows his priorities well. He’s independent. <3
  3. Kit with Baby Jose

    My husband putting our baby to sleep.

    He is more patient. – He doesn’t get mad easily. He doesn’t shout. I think he never shouted at me for doing something wrong. He can maintain his composure though he’s irritated already. He gets frustrated at times when it’s hard to put our baby to sleep but he has his way to switch his emotion unlike me. When I find it hard to babysit, my frustration shows, and he used to take the job over. 😅

  4. He loves to stay at home. – He is more of a home buddy than me. What’s more, he likes tidying-up. He does most of the housework like sweeping, mopping, washing the dishes, washing the clothes, and cooking. He always loves staying at home to be with us rather than hanging out with his colleagues or friends. <3
  5. He follows a system. – He always has a system in doing things. He has a system in taking a bath, in changing the diaper, in putting the baby to sleep, in washing clothes, in sweeping, etc. Everything must be organized and systematic. And when you ask him why it should be done that way, he also has answers. 😂

I know that parenting is not a competition and our baby won’t judge us either. It’s just that I really appreciate my husband for making things easier for me. There are still a lot of things that I need to learn and I know that it takes time. God blessed me with the opportunity to be a wife and a mother, and I know that He’ll improve me in the process.