My Teaching Journey

Apr 26, 2019 | Career, Teaching Journey

It is a beautiful thing when a CAREER & PASSION come together.

I graduated with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in English. This is a course of my choice. When I was young, I dreamt of being a classroom teacher. I got mesmerized with the teachers I watched on tv. I thought that classroom teaching would be an enjoyable job for me.

When I grew up and entered college, the urge of being a teacher went stronger. The fact that being a teacher is the noblest job made me want to be an English teacher. Thus, it would also make my parents proud to have a daughter as a teacher. In fact, I am the first Education graduate and licensed teacher in the family. (Wow! This is the time I just realized that I was the only one. 😲)

After I graduated in college, I applied for a job right away. I got hired as a teacher in a private school but not to teach English. The first subject I taught was Values Education. It was hard for me because I used to take this subject for granted when I was in high school. Also, this subject is not my forte. My first year in the teaching industry was a roller coaster ride with a lot of bumps on the way. When the time of verdict came, I knew at that moment I wasn’t meant for that institution. I cried but I got back on my feet right away.

In the pursuit to find a job at the soonest time, I stumbled on an ESL company online. I submitted my application and in just a matter of hours, I received a call for the initial interview. I was told to go to their office which I did. I underwent their application process and was hired on the same day. From that day, my ESL teaching journey started. I have been working as an online teacher ’til the present.

I think I fell in love with teaching online. I love teaching Chinese students. This is not the job that I want to have for the rest of my life but I am looking forward to having online teaching as a hobby in the future. Soon, I want to do online teaching not for the sake of money anymore. I want to do it simply because I like to do it. I want to do it because it makes me happy. I want to do it because it’s fulfilling. <3

How about you? What job do you want to be a hobby in the future? 🙂